Sunday, September 4, 2011

Labor day weekend!

I know I haven't done a post in a very long time... I also know that I keep saying these exact same words in every single post and it has probably gotten very annoying but I thought that school was right fitted into my schedule but I was still having trouble staying up late and doing my homework. :(
I'm pretty sure that now I know how to manage my schedule and work so I will try to do much more posts than I have been doing since school started.
Anyways, I just wanted this post to be about Labor day weekend! I'm sure that a lot of you are excited like I am with having an extra day off from school. I didn't do much yesterday but last night I went out with a bunch of our family friends' to eat dinner. After we ate dinner, we went to Fro-Jo's and had some frozen yogurt! Since we were around some shops and bookstores, we decided to go around and walk a little bit. It was around 9:30 that some of us really wanted to go to the movies, which we could practically walk to, but all the guys were tired and thirsty (lol, I know nice excuse) so we decided to stop by McDonald's to get something to drink and just chill. :P
I'm not sure what I will be doing today but I woke up this morning and cleaned my room!!!! SCORE! and now I'm planning to start my homework.
NOW..... for the exciting part!!!! Since it is Labor day weekend and I absolutely miss the mall, my mom, sister and I have decided to go shopping tomorrow. We really need to go to target and do some major shopping there as well so we might go to target today.
I hope you all have a great Labor day weekend!