Thursday, June 30, 2011

My room painting process

Hey guys! so sorry I haven't done a post in a long time. I had to do this post with my room tour numerous times but for some reason blogger couldn't upload my video. :(
So anyways I really wanted to do this post because I don't know how long it will take for me to upload the video but I will somehow try to show it to you guys. So here's just some some pictures of the process of painting my room.

Just a pic of my plain old room

The first day of the process... taking down the wallpaper...glad that's over with :D

Relaxing for a bit with Saba, Angela, and Angus... while watching my favorite cartoon show, Tom and Jerry, and eating candy and cheez-its.

Finally getting to paint!!!!! the color isn't showing up right because the flash was on

Finished room!!!! lol I forgot to fix the curtain thingies before I took the pic :P

Saturday, June 25, 2011

What's up??

Hey guys! Sooo I am super sore and tired from all the painting and scraping that ANOYINGGGG wallpaper from my walls. I would not have even started painting if Angela hadn't helped me... especially the wallpaper. But, I FINALLY painted my walls. I will have pictures of my room and the painting process up soon! :D So Angela and I scraped the walls yesterday, and today we finished scraping, sanding, patching holes and cracks, taping, and painting. We also walked to kroger and bought tape but then we went back with Saba to buy bunches of candy :P
Anyways, I just wanted to thank Angela, Saba, and Angus for helping me out!!! don't forget to check for the pictures soon.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

NOTALAIL(Nail Of The As Long As It Lasts)

So as you can tell from the picture and the title, I just did my nails recently. So I painted them this pretty cream color... the color is really sheer so I had to put a few coats on. For my thumbs, I made tiny pink flowers with blue leaves... I know don't judge I didn't have any greens. So yeah.
Oh!!!! So I am also going to paint my room this pretty light blue that is more of a turquoise color. That didn't really make any sense but the main point is that the color is absolutely gorgeous!! So yeah I will be in the business of painting today and tomorrow... I will definitely take a pic and show you guys my walls. :D Okay well I should better get started painting. Also, my summer outfits post will be up very soon. Sorry for the Delay.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

New Kindle!!!!!!

Guess what? So a few days ago my sister and I ordered kindles, and they got here today! I know that I'm not a big fan of reading but it will definitely come in handy A LOT!!!! I really like it and I will definitely start reading more books since I got it. Speaking of books, I received my book called, " Science, sense, and nonsense" by Joe Schwarcz, which I also bought online a few days ago for my summer reading. Also, something that I am SUPER DUPER happy about is that I got "peeps" by Scott Westerfeld today too!!!! (I was on the waiting list at the library for a few days).

So I read the book,"Uglies" by Scott Westerfeld for my summer reading the summer before sixth grade, and I really liked it, so I can't wait to read peeps! I actually think that I will like peeps more than Uglies just because I like the theme of the book better.... this might sound weird but it kind of reminds me of Beastly. Okay... this was a really random and pointless post but I was just soooo excited that I couldn't wait to tell you guys!!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Hey guys!!! Soooo last Thursday, most of my friends and I went to the mall and I thought that I should do a haul. By the way, I had tons of fun at the mall. :D I know that it's kind of late but I also went to the mall and target today and bought a few stuff from target so I wanted to tell you guys what I bought today. So I didn't take any pictures of the stuff that I bought today but you can still get the idea :)

1.) A neutrogena face cream wash/cleanser ( I actually did a lot of research yesterday and most of the reviews for the product that I bought were positive and a lot of people said that it worked really good for oily skin, and I have super oily skin).

2.) A neutrogena body scrub (I also did a lot of research on a good body scrub and I found the 'yes to carrots moisturizing body scrub' to be the best, but I couldn't find it at target, even though it was on the website, so I just bought the neutrogena one just to try it out).

3.) An up&up crease brush ( my sister had this brush and I really liked it so I bought it especially since I needed one).

Okay so I only bought those three things today, and I will just move on to what I bought last

**** BATH & BODY WORKS****

Shower gel $3

60 second manicure hand scrub $12


Buildable concealer-on sale- for $8
( I actually had this concealer in a lighter shade, and I thought that it matched my skin, but the cover looks way darker than the actual concealer and I really liked my other one so I bought another one in a darker shade)

Jumbo eye pencil -on sale- for $4 ( again, I had bought the eye pencil in color "pinky gray" and I reallyyy liked it, so why not get another one? )


crop top on sale for $4 I think (4 of my friends and I bought this because it is super cute and it was on sale, so we are planning to match som
eday soon :P )

Jean shorts on sale for $18

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Quick update

Hey guys! So this is going to be a really random post but I thought that it would be a good time to do it. It's summer, which I am super happy about, but I also have lots of summer reading and packets to do. :( I have to read two books for language arts and do two projects on each, read another book about science in chemistry, a packet for math, and I possibly have to memorize the world map!! It might not sound like a lot to some of you, but it will definitely take a good amount of summer time away from me. Anyways, I also got to do a bunch of fun things. I went to the mall with a bunch of my friends( I have a small haul coming up soon), I played volleyball, rode my bike, went to the gym numerous times, drew, watched LOTSSSSS of movies, and etc. Yeah I know, the pool wasn't on my list! I actually haven't gone to the pool yet. I was planning on going today but my sister and I decided to ride our bikes and etc.
Anyways, I drew the drawing below today! Well I actually started drawing a little of it a few weeks ago, but I never finished it... I guess I didn't have time and I was kinda lazy. :D

Also, like I said in my last post, I am planning to do one or few posts on some summer outfits. I'm not sure if I want to do a few posts with different summer outfits and the hair and makeup that would go with it, or just one post on outfits. Please comment below telling me which one you want me to do! Thanks. :D

Friday, June 10, 2011

Graduation Party Pics

Ok so I actually went to 2 graduation parties... one was on the last day of school from 6-11pm, and the other one was more of a sleepover party. I only took pics on the sleepover party though, so that's what this post is going to be about! At the party, we first dropped our stuff off at Katelyn's grandparents' house and drove up to BD's, where we met up with Jake and Matthew (We invited more boys but none of them wanted to hang out with us, so they didn't come :'( JK :D they were just busy). Anyways, then we ate and went back to the house, where we had an awesome time drawing on the drive way, playing football, badminton ( Go Super Hot Badminters... is that how you spell badminters??... lol inside joke), ate, did makeovers, watched movies, and etc. I had tons of fun!!!! Here are some pics :D

A pic of us (besides Kylie, Julia, and Taylore who met us at BD's) before we went to the restaurant.

Saba and Hannah at BD's

Katelyn and Hannah at BD's

Katelyn, Hannah and I at BD's

LOL Katelyn, Jake, and Matthew calling the rejection hotline... It's so funny :D

Hannah and Saba being crazy at the restaurant after we ate

Most of us went to the bathroom and we took a few pics :D

Kylie, Katelyn and I

Saba and Hannah being crazy... AGAIN :D

Just a pic of SOME of the drawings on the drive way

Angela on the swing with me pushing her

LOL just a cool pic at night :D

Hannah on the swing.

So this is it for my picture "series" :D I will have a quick haul up really soon!! I am also thinking of giving you guys some ideas for outfits of summer :DI think it will be fun!

Last day of school!

I know that I wasn't planning to do a post on the Last day of school but I surprisingly took a bunch of pictures and I thought that I might as well just share them. :D

Saba, hannah and grace in science

Saba and Hannah during funkmasters

Jacob, Saba, and hannah in funkmasters... wow that's a lot of Saba and Hannah

Taylore, Haley, grace, hannah, me, saba, and kayla with jacob and devaunte in the back

Saba and Jake being weird.

Saba and hannah... AGAIN :D

Henry Clay people showing their spirit :D

Angela, Grace, Saba, Hannah, and Me!

Sarah, saba, and Danni. LOL look at their faces :D

Tori straightening boys' hair in the band room. weird huh?

Just a random pic :D

Graduation pics :D

So this is the third part of my picture series :D I know this is really late, but at least i posted it! Enjoy!

Saba, Angela and I at the Beck center

Saba and Angela in front of the Beck center

Grace, Hannah, and Saba

Saba graduating!!!!!

Hannah, Grace, Saba, Me, and Angela!

Grace, Me, Hannah, and Saba being weird.

Me giving Mrs. Thompson a hug :D

Just a random pic of Saba

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Track banquet

So this is the second part of my "picture series". These are pictures from last Wednesday at our track banquet. It was super fun.... even more fun than last year since we actually played some sports :D Go Track!

just a random pic of us sitting and listening to our coach's...LONG... speech.

Lol I took a picture of Grace taking a picture of katelyn and I. I thought that it looks cool :D

Just a random pic of our trophies.

Brady about to hand out our gift to Billips.

Saba giving Billips a high five after receiving her manager badge :D

A random pic of billips giving his speech.

Saba and I taking a pic with billips after the banquet.

Taylore and Kylie taking a pic with Billips

Keep checking for the upcoming posts about graduation, last day of school, and graduation party/sleepover.