Saturday, April 23, 2011

Track meet (invitational) and a Tornado warning!

So today was a big day for our track team because it was our first invitational for the season. It all started during school when my friend, Hannah, and I asked our teacher for the weather because it was one of the cloudiest days ever and we knew that there was going to be a big chance that the invitational was going to get canceled. When after school announcements came on, there was nothing about the invitational being canceled, so we all went into the locker rooms to get changed. As soon as I got changed, i saw our coach walking into the gym. i walked over to him to ask about the invitational and he said that the invitational was still on but he doesn't know why it hadn't been canceled yet. before the buses came to take us to the invitational, our coach passed out sweats and hoodies to everyone that had our team name on there. So i was one of the last ones to get one, so i got a huge size, well so did a lot of other people but still. to show off our gangsterness, my two friends and I walked around the gym doing our swagger! pretty fun but kinda embarrassing.

So when we got to the High School, there weren't many teams there yet, so we just went ahead and warmed up. When all the teams were warmed up, they were ready to start the 3,200 relay. As soon as all the teams were getting ready to line up, it started to rain... it was just light rain at the beginning so everyone just stayed where they were, but a minute or two after, the rain started to get heavier, so we had to go to the high school gym. When we got to the gym, loud thunders and heavy showers started and all we needed was a tornado warning, which we had just a few minutes later. We had a lot of fun at the school though. We laughed and walked around the school, until things got even worst and they had to move us into specific places. By the time they got us all in a hallway, my dad came to pick us up. Our coach didn't want us to leave but my dad said that it was easy for him to get to the high school, so we left after our coach tried to scare us by saying 'jokes' like, "oh no, what if Johny ends up in the clouds?" yes, another one of his jokes. lol, but we left right in the middle of the tornado warning... let's just say we had an interesting ride with Saba freaking out, but it was all good. Surprisingly, there were a lot of people outside during the tornado warning, which was a good thing I guess (not for them but for us) . When I was having dinner, Angela called our house and she asked if we got home safe, which I think was very nice of her to do. I kinda felt special because they were worried about kinda sound like Saba.

Okay, well this is a longgg post. sorry if I bored you guys :p

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