Sunday, August 21, 2011

Feel amazing without makeup!

I know that all of you girls out there want to look brighter and more natural rather than packing on tons of makeup. I came up with a few tips that most of you have probably heard before but I hope they help!

  • Always brush your eyebrows! know that a lot of people just leave their eyebrows the ways they are or fill them in but brushing them makes them look much better and cleaner. Brow gel works great but since this post concludes makeup, any comb will work.
  • Take care of your lips. Make sure that you keep your lips soft and prevent them from looking chapped. Yes, all of us have those days when we have super dry lips, but a very quick and easy way to help this problem, is to exfoliate. This process only takes a few mintes: Mix honey, olive oil, and sugar in a small container and work it into your lips to exfoliate. It is super duper easy to make and use. Plus, it's all natural!
  • Curl your eyelashes. Curling your eyelashes not only makes your lashes look longer and more beautiful, but it also makes you look more awake. It is a great was to make your eyes pop with no makeup.
  • Keep your teeth clean and white. This doesn't have much to do with your face, but having clean teeth just makes everyone's complexion look much better! There are those nights, when I can barely keep my eyes open and go straight to bed, but I always try to brush my teeth as good as I can in the morning. Personally, I don't use white strips to make my teeth whiter but a lot of people do and that might work for you. Just make sure that you brush and floss your teeth! (Haha, I sound like my dentist ) :D
  • This last tip applies to only some of you, but make sure that your face doesn't get too oily. Yes, my friends know how much I hate it when my face gets oily during the day with or without face makeup. As you most likely know, you can always blot your face with powder but again, since there is no makeup involved, you can used blotting sheets. You can find them at a lot of places but my favorite are Elf's blotting sheets. They work great and they are only $1! Making sure your face is oil free, just makes your face look cleaner and fresher.

I hope these tips helped you. I find them very helpful for myself and I hope it works for you!


  1. This is quite funny that you posted this, because today, for the first time in probably over a year and a half, I didn't wear ANY makeup to school. :) I am not kidding: I became a different person this summer, I am so much more confident with who I am. <3

  2. Yay! I'm sooo proud of you :) haha... I wish I could change that easily :P

  3. aweeesome post. <3 and check out my review of Fairydrops Scandal Queen mascara! love ya girly.