Friday, August 5, 2011

Mean music video and pictures...

Okay I know I keep saying this over, and over, and over, but I am really sorry for not blogging. School is starting in less than a week and my sister and I are stressing over our summer projects and just everything going on. Anyways, a few days ago, I went to Angela's house and we ended up remaking the music video of the song "Mean" by Taylor Swift and putting our own twist on it... of course, it is nowhere as good as the original music video, but it still turned out pretty good!!

So here's some pictures of the making of the video and some random pictures of us :)

From left to right: Me, Kylie, Angela, Julia, and Katelyn
You might be wondering why everyone else is either wearing a t-shirt or something with spaghetti straps and I'm wearing a cardigan AND a scarf... lol I was trying to get more of a bohemian, country look but just mostly covering my outfit for the other scenes. Yes, I was frying under the sun.

Haha Angus acting all drunk :P

I'm not sure what the point of this picture is but Kylie is being drunk and Hannah looks like she is advertising beer? and I have no idea what grace is doing.
I just love the look on their faces :D

Lol saba looks cute with her sad face :)

Me and Julia!
Hannah on left, me on right

In this pic: Saba, Angela, Kylie, Me, and Hannah

More star!!

This is just a cute pic of saba and Angela looking at a video :)

To check out the "Mean" music video, click on the link below to Angela's blog! I think she did a great job of editing it!


  1. I love the last pic of Saba and Angela! :) And the star! :)

  2. Reviews? It's okay, take your time. :)