Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Epic haul!!!!

So today my mom , Saba (twin sister), and I went to the mall to look for graduation dresses and stuff. It was an amazing shopping trip! Everything thing that I bought except for one was on sale! I will post the price that I got each item for below the item. So first we went to Macy's to look for dresses. There were some awesome dresses on sale. I don't even know if I am going to wear these for the dance or graduation but i just bought them because I needed some anyways.

Macy's for $24.15
Original was about $70

Macy's for $24.15
Original around $70

Next we went to Hollister and there were a lot of things on sale but the only thing I got was this shirt:

Hollister for 15.90
Original 49.50

Just as usual we stopped by Sephora and found some awesome stuff for sale. I got the jumbo eye pencils in the color "pinky grey". (The photo does not show the color, pinky grey)

Jumbo Pencil - Eye

Sephora for $4
Original $6 (not much of a save but good enough :D )

We also found some deals at Claires. I found so many pretty stuff! so first i got a headband and a necklace that I thought were so cute!

Claire's for $5.50

Claire's for 7.25
Original price was $14.50

At the checkout the lady told us that their flower clips were 50% and up off so we went back and checked them out. Saba and I found these two cute hair clips :D

Claire's for $2.25
Original for $4.50

I hope that this helped those of you who are looking for dance or graduation dresses and more!

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  1. OMG, they're all soooo pretty!!!!!! My favorite is the headband from Claire's and the necklace!