Saturday, May 7, 2011

Nail Tutorial!

Spring is here, and I thought that this fun and easy nail tutorial would be perfect for spring. All you need are three different color nail polishes, and an old dried out pen. You do not need to go out and buy any nail polishes with defining brushed or anything. The pen will work as good!

So take the lightest color that you want for a base and put it all over your nails.

My second color was glittery pink, and I dipped the pen into the tip of the brush very lightly to get the nail polish on the tip of the pen. Once I did, I started making flowers on my nails... I made the flowers on the top left corner of my nails.

Next, I took my third color, which was a beautiful blue color, and made flowers next to the pink flowers. I tried to make the blue ones a little smaller to make them different as you might have noticed.

I really like this nail tutorial because it uses different colors and I think that the flowers look really cute especially in the Spring.

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