Sunday, May 15, 2011

Night/face Routine

This post is basically about what I do at night before I go to the bed or just regularly for my face. so every night I either wash my face with neutrogena transparent facial bar or regular soap.
around $2-3

Then, I use the Epiduo cream. This product is Ah-mazing!!!! I REALLY love it! It's really expensive though. It's hard to believe the price for just a tube. So the regular price is $202.50! BUT, I get mine for only around $30. I wouldn't recommend this product at all if you don't have a dermatalogist. (might not be the right product for you)

That's basically all I do at night. So the next product is the Neutrogena deep clean foaming scrub. I only use this in the shower about 2 times a week. This product makes my skin feel really smooth and clean after use.
around $7

I do in some cases use different moisturizers when I need to but they're usually my mom's and I don't really remember the names. :( Yeah so this is basically what I do for my face and I forgot to say this but i usually wash my face when I wake up and before I go to bed. I hope you guys enjoyed!

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  1. Isn't epiduo prescription only? I think it is.