Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Hey guys!!! Soooo last Thursday, most of my friends and I went to the mall and I thought that I should do a haul. By the way, I had tons of fun at the mall. :D I know that it's kind of late but I also went to the mall and target today and bought a few stuff from target so I wanted to tell you guys what I bought today. So I didn't take any pictures of the stuff that I bought today but you can still get the idea :)

1.) A neutrogena face cream wash/cleanser ( I actually did a lot of research yesterday and most of the reviews for the product that I bought were positive and a lot of people said that it worked really good for oily skin, and I have super oily skin).

2.) A neutrogena body scrub (I also did a lot of research on a good body scrub and I found the 'yes to carrots moisturizing body scrub' to be the best, but I couldn't find it at target, even though it was on the website, so I just bought the neutrogena one just to try it out).

3.) An up&up crease brush ( my sister had this brush and I really liked it so I bought it especially since I needed one).

Okay so I only bought those three things today, and I will just move on to what I bought last

**** BATH & BODY WORKS****

Shower gel $3

60 second manicure hand scrub $12


Buildable concealer-on sale- for $8
( I actually had this concealer in a lighter shade, and I thought that it matched my skin, but the cover looks way darker than the actual concealer and I really liked my other one so I bought another one in a darker shade)

Jumbo eye pencil -on sale- for $4 ( again, I had bought the eye pencil in color "pinky gray" and I reallyyy liked it, so why not get another one? )


crop top on sale for $4 I think (4 of my friends and I bought this because it is super cute and it was on sale, so we are planning to match som
eday soon :P )

Jean shorts on sale for $18


  1. great haul!
    i am especially fascinated by the 60 second manicure scrub :) country chic is such a fabulous fragrance isnt it? i plan on getting the whole set when i visit next time.. do write a review on that hand scrub, am looking forward to it..
    the crop top and shorts are super cute :)
    visit my blog when you have time, follow me if you like, i'll always follow you back :)

  2. Thank you :D And yes, I would love for us to follow each other!!! I'm following you now :)