Thursday, June 30, 2011

My room painting process

Hey guys! so sorry I haven't done a post in a long time. I had to do this post with my room tour numerous times but for some reason blogger couldn't upload my video. :(
So anyways I really wanted to do this post because I don't know how long it will take for me to upload the video but I will somehow try to show it to you guys. So here's just some some pictures of the process of painting my room.

Just a pic of my plain old room

The first day of the process... taking down the wallpaper...glad that's over with :D

Relaxing for a bit with Saba, Angela, and Angus... while watching my favorite cartoon show, Tom and Jerry, and eating candy and cheez-its.

Finally getting to paint!!!!! the color isn't showing up right because the flash was on

Finished room!!!! lol I forgot to fix the curtain thingies before I took the pic :P


  1. It's so crazy how alike we are! We think alike, we get the same grades, we do the same things, say the same things, paint our rooms the same color... long lost sister!!! :)