Friday, June 10, 2011

Graduation Party Pics

Ok so I actually went to 2 graduation parties... one was on the last day of school from 6-11pm, and the other one was more of a sleepover party. I only took pics on the sleepover party though, so that's what this post is going to be about! At the party, we first dropped our stuff off at Katelyn's grandparents' house and drove up to BD's, where we met up with Jake and Matthew (We invited more boys but none of them wanted to hang out with us, so they didn't come :'( JK :D they were just busy). Anyways, then we ate and went back to the house, where we had an awesome time drawing on the drive way, playing football, badminton ( Go Super Hot Badminters... is that how you spell badminters??... lol inside joke), ate, did makeovers, watched movies, and etc. I had tons of fun!!!! Here are some pics :D

A pic of us (besides Kylie, Julia, and Taylore who met us at BD's) before we went to the restaurant.

Saba and Hannah at BD's

Katelyn and Hannah at BD's

Katelyn, Hannah and I at BD's

LOL Katelyn, Jake, and Matthew calling the rejection hotline... It's so funny :D

Hannah and Saba being crazy at the restaurant after we ate

Most of us went to the bathroom and we took a few pics :D

Kylie, Katelyn and I

Saba and Hannah being crazy... AGAIN :D

Just a pic of SOME of the drawings on the drive way

Angela on the swing with me pushing her

LOL just a cool pic at night :D

Hannah on the swing.

So this is it for my picture "series" :D I will have a quick haul up really soon!! I am also thinking of giving you guys some ideas for outfits of summer :DI think it will be fun!


  1. you left out Julia in the list of names on the 1st pic!!! And you said DB's at the very top... lol

  2. Thanks :D I was in a hurry, but it's fixed now!!! :D