Friday, June 10, 2011

Graduation pics :D

So this is the third part of my picture series :D I know this is really late, but at least i posted it! Enjoy!

Saba, Angela and I at the Beck center

Saba and Angela in front of the Beck center

Grace, Hannah, and Saba

Saba graduating!!!!!

Hannah, Grace, Saba, Me, and Angela!

Grace, Me, Hannah, and Saba being weird.

Me giving Mrs. Thompson a hug :D

Just a random pic of Saba


  1. actually that was the award I got for getting all straight A's! If it was the one were I was graduating, I would be walking past Ms. Thompson so WHAT NOW?!

  2. WHATEVER!!!! Actually, I said that you were graduating because I was so shocked that you graduated! so WHAT NOW?!JK :D I love u too :D