Thursday, June 23, 2011

NOTALAIL(Nail Of The As Long As It Lasts)

So as you can tell from the picture and the title, I just did my nails recently. So I painted them this pretty cream color... the color is really sheer so I had to put a few coats on. For my thumbs, I made tiny pink flowers with blue leaves... I know don't judge I didn't have any greens. So yeah.
Oh!!!! So I am also going to paint my room this pretty light blue that is more of a turquoise color. That didn't really make any sense but the main point is that the color is absolutely gorgeous!! So yeah I will be in the business of painting today and tomorrow... I will definitely take a pic and show you guys my walls. :D Okay well I should better get started painting. Also, my summer outfits post will be up very soon. Sorry for the Delay.

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