Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Track banquet

So this is the second part of my "picture series". These are pictures from last Wednesday at our track banquet. It was super fun.... even more fun than last year since we actually played some sports :D Go Track!

just a random pic of us sitting and listening to our coach's...LONG... speech.

Lol I took a picture of Grace taking a picture of katelyn and I. I thought that it looks cool :D

Just a random pic of our trophies.

Brady about to hand out our gift to Billips.

Saba giving Billips a high five after receiving her manager badge :D

A random pic of billips giving his speech.

Saba and I taking a pic with billips after the banquet.

Taylore and Kylie taking a pic with Billips

Keep checking for the upcoming posts about graduation, last day of school, and graduation party/sleepover.

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