Monday, June 6, 2011

8th grade dance!

So our 8th grade dance was on Tuesday and it was super duper fun! Here are some pics. I wore a dress with a teal-ish top with lace on the top and a teal-ish ribbon that I obviously made into a bow, and the bottom was all black! sorry some of the pics might be a little blurry.

Brady, Saba, Hannah, and Eric in the background

just a random pic! awww look at Will and Nicole :D

Eric, Katelyn, Saba, Hannah, Brady and I being crazy

Another crazy photo of Brady, Me, and Hannah and Eric in the background again. Is it me or is Eric in the background of every single pic?

Grace, Angela, Saba, and I

This was just a pic of saba, Angela and I before the dance

Lol this was an unexpected photo!!! look at Julia's face :D

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