Friday, June 10, 2011

Last day of school!

I know that I wasn't planning to do a post on the Last day of school but I surprisingly took a bunch of pictures and I thought that I might as well just share them. :D

Saba, hannah and grace in science

Saba and Hannah during funkmasters

Jacob, Saba, and hannah in funkmasters... wow that's a lot of Saba and Hannah

Taylore, Haley, grace, hannah, me, saba, and kayla with jacob and devaunte in the back

Saba and Jake being weird.

Saba and hannah... AGAIN :D

Henry Clay people showing their spirit :D

Angela, Grace, Saba, Hannah, and Me!

Sarah, saba, and Danni. LOL look at their faces :D

Tori straightening boys' hair in the band room. weird huh?

Just a random pic :D

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