Monday, July 11, 2011


Today was a really depressing day :(
I did my summer reading for more than 8 hours!!!! Literally, the only times I stopped reading were when I went to eat something. I still have four more pages to read but for some reason I couldn't finish it so I will read the rest tomorrow. I don't know I guess I had read too much today and I just didn't really want to finish it on the same day... yeah no need to say it, I'm weird!
Anyways, just letting you guys know, I wasn't reading the whole day because I don't have a life but I reallyyyy need to finish my book because my book is due in three days and before I return it, I have to do two projects about it :(
lol okay well I should probably stop talking (or writing) :P

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  1. OMG! Good luck with the projects! :D I am so sorry you have to do this much work!!