Monday, July 18, 2011

Gold eye look

This is a gold and shimmery look that I created on my sister today. I think that this look is very wearable in the day time and the night time. It would look gorgeous with a red lip at night time to give it that dramatic look. I was not planning on doing a makeup look or a tutorial but whenever my sister and I get bored, we do makeovers (lol), so I thought that I would show you guys the look that I created on her. I hope you enjoy!

(Sorry for the terrible lighting and the glitter fall-outs under her eye)

How to create this look:

First, I took a gold eye shadow and applied it to her lids. Then, I took a deep brown color and applied it in her outer corners. I worked what was left on the brush into her crease. I also took a light brown and applied it to her crease and placed that same color beneath her lower lash line. For the extra glamour and shine, I took a light champagne color and applied it to the center of her lid, her brow bone, and on her inner corners.
For the liner, I used a gel eyeliner on her top lashes and also tight-lined. To get the eyeliner around her lashes, I used a black eye shadow with a very thin brush and applied that between the gaps in her lashes. For bottom lashes, I used a black pencil eye liner on her lower lash line. To end the look, I just applied a coat of mascara.

Products used:
  • aerie radiant eye shadow palette in the color goddess
  • wet n wild eye shadow palette called Don't Steal My Thunder
  • Black wet n wild gel eyeliner
  • Sephora pencil eye liner in the color glitter black
  • Cover Girl Lash blast volume mascara


  1. BEE-u-tiful!!! I love it! We have to do something together soon! I'm gonna do a makeup look on my blog soon, since I cannot show my room yet, so be looking for it! :D <3

  2. thank you :) Ikr?? I'll keep an eye for the post!