Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Today we decided to go to target with my mom because she needed to get an anti frizz hair cream. Since it was pouring rain in Kentucky today, we to had to sprint to the store. My sister and my mom went first but as soon as my mom stepped out of the car, she jumped back in the car and said that she wasn't willing to get wet in the rain.... of course, then it was my turn. I was stupid enough to wear sandals, so it made it even harder. after the long running in the rain, I finally got inside, where a few adults started laughing... I was guessing that they saw me run into a bike. :P
Anyways, my sister and I went into target with 35 dollars to pick up an anti frizz control hair cream, but instead, we came out of target with 2 dollars left and without the hair cream. It's not as bad as it sound... my mom knew that we were getting more stuff and she told us to get the anti frizz cream if it was in the cream form, which we couldn't find. So here's what I ended up getting.

The first thing was the covergirl natureluxe silk foundation. I don't wear foundation but people said that this foundation felt very light and it doesn't have full and heavy coverage, which was exactly what I was looking for. I bought this at target for around $9.

Next I got the fit me powder. It has exactly what I need inside it. A little more than $6 at target

This is something that My sister and I bought to share because we will only use it once a week and it won't run out very easily. It's the Aussie deep conditioner. A few weeks ago we bought the Aussie conditioner but we haven't gotten to use it yet. I have heard that they are both very good so I am very excited to use them!!!

I didn't get much today but I just wanted to share what I got with you guys.


  1. Haha! Tell me how the products workout for you!

    I love the rain soooo much! It makes me wanna go dance in it! :D

  2. The Aussie three minute miracle smells amazing!