Sunday, July 3, 2011

My weekend!

So I had a pretty fun weekend I thought that I should share it with you guys. So first off, yesterday we went to one of our family friend's house and I got to see my friends, Ali, Fatemeh, and Nima after a long time... well maybe not that long but I'm not used to not seeing them for more than at least once a week. Anyways, the people's house we went to, they just got back from San Francisco, where they live, and their son who we hadn't talked to for 3 years was back! So Saba, Ali, Fatemeh, Nima, Nima (lol two Nimas :P ), and I played cards and such for a long time. It wasn't really fair though because we played this game that Nima and Ali were teamed up for and they kept winning because of all their smart signals.
Today we also had a cookout and after we ate, Saba, Ali, Nima, Nima, and I went down to the small river kind of thing and we finished a half-made bridge made across the river with rocks and crossed it! It was kinda of challenging... lol Ali and Nima got across first but Ali had to come back and help saba, Nima and I ( well mostly Saba and I because Nima just walked in the water... he was going stupid mode! ). We finally got back and came up with a nickname for our crew (lol) that crosses rivers and walked into the woods called "THE ADVENTURERS".
So since tomorrow is 4th of July, we have decided to go to boonsborough early in the morning! Well let's just hope that the rain doesn't wash us away :P
we are planning to go early in the morning, meet up, and the drive there, have breakfast and lunch, then come back before it gets dark... idk but we will most likely go downtown and watch the fireworks.
So I know that not all of you guys know Fatemeh, Ali, Nima, and Nima but I will probably be talking about them a lot in my posts so I might as well tell you guys who they are!
Fatemeh- finished first year of college, funny, quiet
Ali- several years of college, hilarious, tells lots of jokes ( NEVER EVER drive in his car!!!!!!!)
Nima- almost becoming a doctor, well I don't really hang out with him much and he is going back to San Francisco tomorrow so probably won't be in posts
Nima- going into high school, silly

You all are probably thinking why do you hang out with college people so much? well even though they are in college we just like to hang out and I probably hang out with them more than I do with our friends at my own age and we always have fun :P
For Example, we watch movies, have bun fires, go to MANY different places, make water slides and play around and etc. Also, we hang out with Sarah, a senior at HC but she might not be in many of my posts because she is on vacation and won't be coming back a little before schools start again :( In case you don't know who Sarah is, she is one of our closest friends, and we hang out with her SOOOOOOOOOO much... For examples, half of my sleepovers I have ever had have probably been with Sarah. Yeah you pretty much get the point.

Sorry if I bored you guys but I thought that what I have been doing has been really fun for me and letting you guys know who some of my friends were are probably helpful :)


  1. Awesome! Is Fatameh a girl or boy?

  2. :D Fatemeh is Ali's little sister :P

  3. I love how you call me stupid for walking in water. Haha . Your so kind

  4. cool bro! lol let me rephrase that... 57% stupid and the other 43% was courage :P (going odd mode like u :D) well anyways, why don't you follow my blog?!?!?!?