Saturday, July 23, 2011


Hey guys! So this post is just mostly about what I have been doing these past few days and why I haven't been blogging during these days. First of all, my mom's cousin is coming down from New York to Kentucky to stay with us, which I am super thrilled about! She is sooo nice and I can't wait. Since she is coming, we were cleaning the house yesterday for practically the whole day. I know it's just one day and I haven't blogged for few days but I have also been busy with helping my uncle out with a very difficult task, and deciding on a concerto for my piano, which I finally decided today!
Here were my top two choices for the concerto:
You might think that the second piece is much harder, but really, the first piece is much harder due to the technique. I did choose the first piece just because I couldn't decide which one, so my teacher told me to go with the first piece. I can't wait to learn it!
I will definitely do more posts again! Sorry if this post was super boring. :)

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