Friday, July 15, 2011


Moisturizers have always been something that I never paid much attention to. Of course, I did use moisturizers often but I never really notices them making any changes to my skin. Today was the perfect day to go to the pool in Kentucky. After I got out of the pool, showered, and changed back into my clothes, I realized that my skin was very dry and stiff. I could barely move my face, which was a shock because I normally have a very oily skin. I told my mom as we were getting into the car, and she told me to try not to move your face too much because the stiffness can give you wrinkles (Of course, I am way too young to get wrinkles but all these things are what lead to wrinkles.... remember, better to prevent than to cure!!). So that got me into thinking because I had never really thought of something like that. When I got home, I put on an oil based moisturizer, and my face was back to normal in seconds. I also decided to do some research on moisturizers, and it turns out that they actually help your skin in so many different ways!!

Don't forget! Keep your skin Moisturized :D


  1. haha thanks! :D Yeah, i have super oily skin so most of the time using moisturizer, even if it is a non-oil based moisturizer, makes my skin so oily. Soooo idk what to do bout that.

  2. I know, me too!!!! That's exactly why I never really paid much attention to them :D

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